Union of Railway

Welcome letters

Talashkin Gennady Nikolaevich
President Union of Railway Constructors

Year after year the construction market undergoes changes. It becomes more dynamic, demands new knowledge and skills from its participants.

Today we face the serious challenges viz. use the old technologies or implement new tech­nologies; be satisfied with the specialists graduating from higher educational establishments, or help the transition of professional education to a new level; work with anyone of protect the railway market from unscrupulous companies, export technologies or set international stand­ards on one’s own.

The world processes have accelerated to such speed that one has to constantly think long term, go forward just to simply stay put. It is possible to go forward only by consolidating efforts. The Union of Railway Contractors is the union directed not only at the prosperity of the railway industry. This is a partnership for the well-being of the Russian economy, partnership for com­mon prosperity.

Under the Union we have succeeded in uniting 90 largest construction companies of Russia in railway infrastruc­ture. There are no marginal participants among them, card bearers for the sake of appearance. All the companies are powerful companies, interested in the development and boom of the industry, Russian economy and Russia on the whole.

Therefore the tasks before SSZD are ambitious viz. creation of favorable social, economic and political conditions for the business development of SSZD members, reformation and development of the industry.

We place the stake on development, use of new technologies, modernization of the industry and international cooperation, training highly-qualified personnel – worthy replacement for today’s market participants.

    Today all the market participants have the unanimous opinion i.e. without the consolidation of the efforts we cannot achieve important results. The fact of the existence of the active, viable Union in itself is the driver for devel­opment of the industry. Before us is a big and complex work, which we shall manage without doubt.